Monday, May 22, 2006

Yep, I'm still alive has been awhile since my last entry-you know how it goes...'I will do an entry tomorrow!'. We have had Mothers Day since my last post-had a lovely day-although I still have to go to the local nursery and choose a plant for my stitching room garden as part of my gifts.

What else? Ron's parents are currently overseas-they are just going to part of Canada and Alaska for 3 weeks. Luke's camp went well-he had a great time! I have had to brush up my chess skills (what I have of them LOL) as Luke has joined the school chess club and likes to practise against me. I can still beat him-at the moment!

Stitching/knitting news-I have 3 small motifs and some border left on the model so I'm hoping to post it off by the end of the week (I haven't done any today as I was anxious about our chooks-they disappeared yesterday and were away overnight. I was convinced they had become fox food, but they had been rescued by a neighbour down the street and put over their fence into another neighbour's yard as he mistakenly thought they belonged there. The chooks will no longer be so 'free range' in the future!!........but I digress) Knitting wise I haven't really done anything....although I did start some bedsocks for Luke (his feet are so big....and they are done on 2 needles so ideal for when kids are reading to me, etc). I have also been giving some thought to what I will stitch on when the model is done.....I haven't dragged out all my WIPs, but a few that might make the shortlist are: Storyteller (Teresa Wentzler), a Chatelaine, and a HAED or three. Not sure which ones......and I do have a vague yearning to start a new one....a QS? or Scotland? Who knows?? When I am musing I might make sure all my WIP pics are up-to-date and show you.

Better go and stitch (I have borrowed a few more talking books which works better for me than TV-much harder to get distracted visually)

Oh, just a little something to share with you.....questions at the tea table from a 7yo.....after asking about worms (ie tapeworms) and being told that it wasn't a topic for discussion whilst eating, she asks "Well, then, can you tell me about how the world was made???"........sigh..........they don't tell you about that at ante-natal classes!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Brrrrr........winter is on the way!

After some fairly mild Autumn weather, we have had some quite wintry weather in the last 24 hours or so. Yesterday was very windy (gusts of 90km/h nearby) and about an inch and a quarter of rain. Today is cold (max expected 12C) and we keep getting heavy rain showers with a bit of hail thrown in for good measure. Definitely a day for the wood fire and pumpkin soup (yes, I actually made some soup for lunch!!)

The kids are back at school (one week down for this term) and Ron is back at work, so hopefully life will settle down somewhat...........Luke has a school camp next week (3 days) so I must get organised and pack & label things for him. Caitlin will have a sleepover later this term (called a Zoo Snooze as it is in the Adelaide Zoo).

What else? Oh, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you may remember my discovery of blogs-as in how many there are (huge number) and my reading of them. Well, when reading one of these many blogs recently I clicked on a link to a podcast-a knitting podcast, Cast On , and so have discovered yet another new world of which I was ignorant! True, I have only listened to this one particular podcast, but there are LOTS out there. Oh, and also talking books are online-these are read by volunteers and are from the public domain so they are free. I haven't tried any yet, but I will for sure and let you know what I think. I have found that stitching to audio is ideal for me. Here is the link for Librivox.

Speaking of stitching, the model is coming along quite well-I really want to get most of it done this week, and since this week is relatively free (i.e. no meetings at school, etc) I think this is doable. I am looking forward to rummaging through my WIPs/stash when I am done and see what appeals!