Friday, June 28, 2013

A few months, a few finishes

Just a quick post to update what's been happening. Ron's work has been busy, maybe more than usual, with challenges that come with managing strong personalities in the IT world. My work has been busy with one new system to get the hang of in the library, and another for the council to start next week. Luke is in the midst of mid-year exams. Caitlin has continued with Open Access College which we will stick with for the moment. We've had a bit of a hurdle with our psychiatrist  having to retire suddenly (as in, two days after we last saw him) due to extreme ill health. It has taken some time for us to find someone else, and then to get an appointment, but next week we finally get to see someone.

Craft-wise I haven't done a huge amount, but I have had a few finishes with the SAL. Here's the last few month's finishes.

I'm currently working on getting the binding ready to apply to the jelly roll quilt, so I may have another finish soon? We'll see ;)