Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yes, I'm Still Alive.........

........haven't been on the computer much for the last few days....week?? So it's taken me a while to catch up with emails, reading blogs, etc, etc. Let's see-the Commonwealth Games are over (enjoyed them very much) and I didn't reach any of my goals. Problem was that I set some goals willy-nilly (as I am wont to do) and didn't really plan how I was going to actually achieve them. Quite a lesson there really. I am still working on the model (struck a hitch at Guild tonight as I realised I had left my pattern home-luckily I could ring Ron and get details of part of the border that repeats so I could get some done tonight!) and have done very little on the sock. I had to start a babies beanie for my new(ish) nephew.

Ron & I "celebrated" our 14th wedding anniversary on the 28th. I say"celebrated" as we have a weekend away to ourselves in just over a week's time, so celebrations as such have been postponed. And yes, time does go fast-life is such a cliche sometimes (and if someone knows how to type with accents over letters can you let me know? I'm sure it will come in handy sometime)

Well, I am going to get some more of the model done-page 1 is almost done so if I get cracking we might get a photo tomorrow sometime.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Finally a pic

post started 19th March..........

Well, as promised, here is a pic of my model WIP-finally! My wrist/arm seems to be better-although I am trying to alternate knitting and stitching to make sure I don't overuse any tendons/muscles. My sock is coming along nicely-it's still taking a bit of getting used to juggling all the needles, but I'm getting better! Oh, and I finished Caitlin's scarf too so I only have 1 knitting WIP (we won't mention stitching WIPs LOL).

OK, well, since Blogger was having a fit over trying to post a pic, I decided to finish my entry at a later date which is now..............

I have obviously done more since then-am off to Embroiderers Guild tonight so hopefully will get even more done.

Oh, and Autumn seems to be in its Summer phase-we've been having max temperatures around 30C or a little higher-although the nights have been quite cool. We had a lot of fog the other morning-I did take some hopefully pituresque photos of the cows amongst the fog in the paddock next to us so I might post some of them another day-but don't hold your breath!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting Better!

Thanks for the good thoughts! They must have worked cause my wrist has been improving daily-still not sure what caused it though. I have done some stitching and knitting the last few days (actually I sent Ron to Lincraft to get me some dpns today as I didn't have the right size for socks). I need to get stuck into the model too-I promise to get a pic up soon-really!

Luke turned 10 a couple of days ago-my, that decade went fast! lol We had a nice, fairly quiet day (which he prefers) and one of his favourite things was that since it was a public holiday, he didn't have to go to school.

As it looks like my wrist will allow me to knit/stitch I have been musing on my Commonwealth Games goals (I have made a Pittman comeback!) and after finding out exactly how many days it is (12) am getting an idea of what to set. I'm thinking to start & finish first pair of socks, 2 pages of model done (well, approx-some motifs spill over so I may not do exactly 2 pages), and lose 1kg (I go to WW on Wed so that will be a 14 day challenge). I will also finish Caitlin's scarf (that should be done tomorrow-nearly done) and I may possibly assemble some of those knitted things ie poncho, baby cardigan, etc. Note I said may.

I will probably work on either the model or cast on and start socks............or maybe both?! Need to go do housework kinda things so I can settle down later and stitch while commenting on all the countries outfits.........maybe trying to knit on 3 needles will work perfectly for this (depends on horror factor of outfits..)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ow! *sigh*

I'm just posting this as an update on my wrist/arm/whathaveyou as I suspicion that I shouldn't be using the computer..........I am guessing that I have some kind of tendonitis or similar (not that I have much knowledge in this area) but as it's Sat today (and Mon is a public holiday) it will be a few days until I can get to my GP. I was bad yesterday and knitted for a while.......but it so sucks that I really can't stitch or knit.......and I really wanna!! Maybe I should change my name to Jana Pittman or Ian Thorpe-my Commonwealth dreams of glory are fading fast.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Foolin' Around

Since my wrist/arm is sore I am fiddling around on the computer (trying to stay away from stitching/knitting)
Let's see if this works
You Were An Owl
You are stealthy and secretive - no one knows the true you.
You are a seeker of freedom, and you are comfortable with your dark side.
What Animal Were You In a Past Life?

There are lots of fun quizzes at this if you have an hour (or so) to waste spare, go for it!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Bargains and other things.........

I picked up a bargain today........I figured I would go to my local Salvation Army shop to rummage for knitting supplies. I ended up with 6 pairs of double pointed needles for $3.50 (one was a bamboo set). Since I have never knitted socks I wasn't sure what my tension is like so I got what looked like a lot of different sizes-if I end up with duplicate sizes, I will just have spares!

At the weekend Caitlin decided to start her cross stitch kit that we bought in the summer school holidays........I wasn't sure how it would go as she can tend to be a perfectionist and is not always known for her patience or attention span. She's worked on it in small bursts (she's 7yo) and took it to school today for show & tell. She's using my 6" Q-snaps at the moment, and getting the idea pretty well (oh, and the design is a purple dinosaur-she's not into a lot of "girly" designs). We'll see how she progresses........

I've finished knitting the poncho-just need to sew it together now. The model is coming along nicely-I will post a pic soon, but the camera is sown in my stitching room and I can' be bothered right now. I am musing on giving myself a Commonwealth challenge a la Yarn Harlot's Olympic challenge......not sure what form it will take and also the CG are 10 days from memory.

Oh, learnt how to do a new cool thing. Of course, it helps when your almost 10yo son is a computer nerd expert. And it's using code. Maybe you can teach an old dog girl new tricks?

On another totally different note, remember the "Healthy Eating" committee?? Well, the meeting for this term is tomorrow............. And as we have a state election in a couple of weeks (groan) healthy kids has come up as an election policy/issue. If the current government is re-elected they will legislate against any junk food in canteens, etc...........So much for a quiet little committee! (and it's ironic that I am the convenor for this committee when I attend WW, gym, and have one child who eats a very limited number of foods)

Well, Mythbusters is about to start (when I was a kid we watched The Sullivans and Sale of the Century as a family...........but times change!) and I've rambled enough for now.............

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Welcome Autumn!

Today is officially the first day of Autumn..........hooray! I'm not over fond of Summer, and I do like Winter (except for the cold mornings).

Update on craft-model has arrived so it has been started-love silks!! I'll post a pic probably tomorrow sometime. I've also been working on the poncho-nearly done-should probably get the knitting finished this afternoon-ideal to work on when kids are around and have friends over. I'll have to work out how to assemble it tomorrow. I also got stuck into my stitching room yesterday-it needs some more work but things are at least in the boxes/folders etc that they should be-yes and a dust and vacuum wouldn't hurt either.....

Things I have learnt about knitting on the web in the last week or so:
1. There are lots of knitters out there
2. Sock knitting is taking over the world
3. Bamboo/wood/plastic needles are better than metal ones.
4. There are lots of entertaining blogs out there devoted to knitting.

Also regarding knitting-I have in the past noticed that my tension is somewhat tighter than the norm (not that I have ever bothered with tension squares etc! lol) but in my tidy up/rummage yesterday I found a Patons "how to knit" book and it actually had a pick of how to hold the needles..........and it is not the way I do it.........and I take my right hand off the needle to wind the yarn..........maybe this is why I am slow and have tight tension??? I am going to have a practice on Caitlin's scarf when I am done with the poncho. Oh, I also found 1 baby's cardigan (with cable on front) and a toddlers jumper both finished except for MIL (mother in law) is coming over Sat afternoon so I might rope her in to help me/do it for me. Not sure who will actually get these garments but at least they will be done.

It's hard to believe that it's March already............Luke will be 10yo later this month and we also have our 14th wedding anniverary. We've got a weekend away early April (as in kid free) up to the Clare Valley so that will be our anniversay celebration.

I have another day at home tomorrow so I hope to get lots of model stitched in between housework...............