Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stash enhancement & general catch up

Firstly, thanks for everyone's comments. There has been some progress on the health front for my daughter, but it does seem slow some days, and we are still working out the best plan of attack.

Just a quick catchup post today so that I get back into the habit of blogging.  I picked up a couple of fat quarter bundles the other day from Spotlight-Sarah Fielke's new range called 'On the Pond'. I don't have specific plans yet for them, but I coincidentally received a few more of the same range from a swap so I may grab a couple more so I can make a good sized quilt.

We had some cooler weather a few weeks ago (I think one morning I even put the heater on-in February!-in Adelaide!) and consequently got my hand-quilting out, and am almost done. I don't have any pictures at this stage, but will try and finish it up on the next cool day, and then take one. Then it will be the binding, and finished-hooray!

I'm at various stages with my stitch-a-longs so I'll wait until I finish February's progress before I post pictures of those.

And to finish, here's another picture of the new kitten, Archie.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Is that a pulse?

Yes-the blog is alive (barely), but they say that if there's life, there's hope ;)

It has been an eventful 6-7 months since my last post. Without going into lots of detail, I've re-entered the paid workforce after an absence of 16-17 years (customer service officer at my local library/council), and we have also been dealing with our youngest child's onset of depression and anxiety. This hasn't left me with time and/or inclination to blog over the last half of 2012.

I've decided that I need to try craft more (and blog) this year as it's a great for de-stressing, as well as something I can have control over and can see progress, when other things seem to be way out of my control.

I did  refrain from joining all the stitch-a-longs, knit-a-longs, quilt-a-longs and craft-a-longs that were around at the beginning of 2013. I did sign up for one Stitch-a-Long that uses books I already own to make a small item each month. I finished the first item (thread catcher) in January as required so a good start.

I also signed up for a Facebook stitch-a-long with a group of Australian stitchers. The design we are stitching this year is here. We plan to stitch one small square each month, and the centre design as we go.  I stitched my first section in January on a Stitches and Spice fabric with DMC 4240.

I've signed up for the HAED BB stitch-a-long but haven't made a start on it yet. Another thing I could have started this month, but will leave until later in the year is Sew School.

I also have some WIPs I want to finish, and of course new projects, but I'm not making any specific plans for any of those at the moment.

I should be back soon with some more updates but here's picture of our newest family member-Archimedes-usually known as Archie.