Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Winter Welcome

I'm not sure if I'm welcoming Winter, or welcoming anybody who might read this in Winter. I quite enjoy Winter- the sound of the rain on the roof (we've had rain!!), the wood fire, the ability to do things without suffering heat-stroke....... One thing I don't enjoy, and that I tend to forget about when I am longing for cooler times in the heat of Summer, is the gloomy grey skies we get here in the Hills. Of course this is usually a prerequisite for rain (which is good), but gloom does not always equal rain.

Now I encounter the dilemma of the blog writer who returns after (let me go check) 3.5 months-do we try to update what has happened in the time elapsed, or do we pretend there was no break and just take up where we are...

Let's see-how about I do a quick summary of things that stand out at the moment
  • kids are surviving school quite well
  • both keep growing at an alarming rate-I will be the shortest in the family again sooner rather than later
  • Caitlin's softball team squeaked into the Grand Final, and then won-she plans to play next season, and the "dads"(including Ron) are planning to make up a Men's B Grade team-should be interesting
  • Luke broke his arm playing tennis at school about a week before the school holidays
  • this was not ideal as we went to Lake Bonney at Easter, and a lot of the activities he likes to do involve water-we all had a good time nonetheless
  • Ron has been hither and thither for work-usually short trips, and just within Australia
  • we got our bathroom renovated (I actually forgot about this and had to go back and add it)-more details and pics another post
No doubt there has been other happenings, but nothing that comes to mind right now.

I finished the model stitching, and am currently finishing up some more, now that I've got more thread that I needed. Unfortunately with model stitching there are no pictures, but there is stitching happening. I did have a finish-a UFO that was started quite a few years ago-called "Random Thoughts" by The Drawn Thread. Here's a picture.

There has also been knitting-once the cold weather kicks in, the urge to knit warm, woolly things is strong. I had an urge to knit gifts for Mothers Day-a neck warmer for my mum, and fingerless mitts for my mum-in-law. Both were finished on time (although Aust. Post let me down) and appreciated. I'm also working on a jumper for me (back & front done-now on sleeves), a shawl and a baby cardigan (for friends). I need to take some pictures (both for here and Ravelry).

Well, back to winter-need to put some more wood on the fire, check the soup in the slow cooker, and maybe squeeze in a few rows of knitting before I need to get dinner ready.