Monday, November 10, 2008

Back so soon?

It's only been a week since I was here last - I shock myself!

So-the last week in brief......

  • Ron's growing a "mo" for Movember - pics to come soon, but he already has quite a good one already, but there is some grey.

  • We sold our Jayco camper trailer (for about only $500 less than we bought it for 7 yrs ago) , but have got our eye on a pop top close by that might be just what we are looking to upgrade to. We're in no rush, so we will see what is around.

  • Caitlin was able to miss a softball game to go to the Christmas Pageant so the kids and I (Ron stayed at home to sell our camper) braved the crowds to sit in the rain (well it was only showers, but still...)

  • I decided that I deserved a day off so I journeyed to the showgrounds for the Craft Fair. There was very little in the way of knitting or embroidery supplies, but luckily I have also become interested in stitcheries/patchwork/quilting etc. I took a class from the Thimblelady in hand quilting which was fun-I must do some practice soon. I will have to take some pictures of my purchases soon too.

I've finished some stitching on some ornaments-I will need to work out how I want to finish them and get that done so I don't end up with too many to do at once.

Please excuse the oddly cropped pictures-I'm still working on using the software that came with our new printer/scanner. The snowman ,white ornament, and the Peace tree are all from last year's Just CrossStitch Ornament magazine (I actually stitched the snowman earlier in the year, and the white one in Oct). The Sampler Tree (I will look up the proper names for these designs and the designers later and edit the post) was from last year's ornament issue of The Gift of Stitching magazine .

I'm off to the city tomorrow -mainly to meet Ron and look at bathroom tiles and setups (did I mention that we are looking to get our bathroom renovated in the next 6 months?) - but I'm sure I'll get some browsing done too. Maybe even some Christmas shopping-although I have already done some.

I'll have some pictures of the pageant next time-they are still on the camera and I'm not going to go hunting for it now.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Dormant or Extinct?

Long time, no see........... So how do you write a post on a blog when you haven't been near it for 11 months? A blow-by-blow description of each month's events? (supposing, of course, that I can remember what happened) Or perhaps start with what is happening now, and if something occurs to me, or nothing exciting happens (?) I might return to the past. I'm going to go with the latter.

I stopped blogging in December last year when things got hectic (as they do at that time of the year), but did not get going again when I ended up with Tennis Elbow which meant that for some time I was doing little or no crafting or using the computer. I'm not back to 100%, but it is about 90% and I can stitch and knit, but not for unlimited amounts of time, and with lots of stretching.

I've found a few pictures-"Flower Sampler" model that I finished just before Christmas last year, and a couple of ornaments that I finished up recently for our stitching group's yearly exchange with an English stitching group.

And here's some irises from our garden.
I'm feeling the need for a list or two, and maybe a vague plan to organise what craft I want to get done in the next couple of months.........We'll see how long that lasts.
I also have to have a plan of attack for the craft fair that I plan to visit on Sunday. There's nothing worse than wandering about, overwhelmed by all the stalls, desperately trying to remember what you wanted to look at or buy.
I'm off to keep stitching on more Christmas ornaments-I'm really enjoying the quickness of these at the moment.