Saturday, June 17, 2006

Been sick..........

.......not an exciting title, I admit, but says it all really. I originally had some sort of cold/virus thing, and when that was nearly done, we got hit with a nasty gastro bug. Thankfully Ron didn't succumb and we are all mostly well, except for our tender digestive systems.

Caitlin was luckily recovered for her Zoo Snooze (it would have been the end of the world if she had had to miss it!).

I have (between illnesses and after recovery) been working on HAED Owl & Pussycat, as well as HAED Snowflake QS. I actually looked at MTM (Chatelaine's Medieval Garden Mandala) as it is still set up on my stitching frame in my stitching room, and am contemplating working on it for a few hours each week-disasters aside! LOL Oh, and 3 weeks until school holidays........

I finished off a scarf in a chunkyish yarn for me today and must get Luke's bedsocks done now.

Oh, and it's been cold here at nights-like really cold!!! We expect it cold as we are up in the hills, but regularly under 0C is colder than I expect and -5C is just...........brrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! The days have been mostly clear and warm(ish)-ie 13-15C but that is the reason for the cold nights.

Must go and get kids to bed so I can have a coffee and stitch......or knit.........

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I finished the model-no pic at the moment as it is still on the camera and the cord is down in my stitching room. Actually I finished it at the beginning of the week, but since then it has been fairly hectic. Most of Wednesday was spent waiting for Ron's mum & dad to arrive at the airport (we didn't wait in the airport-but their flight kept getting delayed for various reasons, but we eventually got them). Thursday was spent at a seminar (it was interesting). Our group at the Embroiderers Guild has just put up a display and I dragged out the 2 Mirabilia's that I have done for that (not framed, but I am planning on getting one of them framed at least with my model stitching fee). I am planning to take my camera to take some pics next week (actually I planned to do that last Thurs..........) and will also get some WIP pics of some of the girls' (that is females-not necessarily young LOL) work. Better go forage for some food for dinner before the natives get restless.