Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Anzac Day and some pics

Today is Anzac Day here in Australia (reminds me-must go check if I have ingredients for Anzac biscuits that I have promised to bake). We went to our local Dawn Service-first one for the kids. Caitlin wasn't over keen, and complained about how sore her feet were (quietly thank goodness!). Our town is fairly small but there was quite a large turn out-it was cold but not too bad-lovely & clear. We also went to the local hall for breakfast-toast(with Vegemite), coffee, and Anzac biscuits-very Australian! (and you could have Bundy Rum in your coffee-v traditional, but I declined as I imbibed enough Bundy in my Uni days to keep me going for the rest of my lifetime-ahem)
I have also finally got some pics for your viewing pleasure-the Easter ones are still on the camera, but I've got those foggy cow pics (doesn't everyone??) and a couple from our childless weekend away (how long ago that seems! - reminds me of a post I will make in the future, musing on childbirth, kids, school holidays and shopping during school holidays-bet you can't wait!!)

The cottage above was divided into 2 1/2s but was very nice & cosy. The other picture shows the street we were on-note the slate drywalls-there is a slate mine nearby and it is everywhere! The cow pictures above are taken from our back yard looking into the paddock next door-we get the pituresqueness (note the new word!) without the hard work!

Well I must go and think about baking biscuits (with my oven from hell) and doing some more stitching (on the model). Suffice it to say that I am way behind where I would like to be but am getting there.............more stitching/knitting chat another day-I have rambled imparted enough news for one entry.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Back Again........again!!

We made it back from the Riverland yesterday, so I thought I'd just briefly pop in and post a quick entry. Had a lovely time-the weather was pretty good considering Easter was quite late this year. Kids had a great time swimming (!) and fishing, etc. We do have some pics but I haven't downloaded them yet-still catching up, finishing the unpacking and washing. Hopefully a more interesting entry with pictures will be available soon!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Back Again (for a little while.......)

We are back from our kids-free weekend.............it was lovely, quiet, and restful. Now we have 4 days to get organised and packed for Easter. Each Easter we travel ___ km (I have no idea-takes us a couple of hours or 3 to get there towing a caravan?) to the Riverland where we have a caravan site on the edge of a lake. We usually end up staying about 6 days so a little organisation and packing is required.

On the stitching/knitting front-yes I have done some-no, I haven't finished anything! I will have to put "taking pictures of WIPs" onto my "To-Do List" (yes, I have on started for this week). I usually get some stitching/knitting done at Easter time too (small lamp is on my list already!)