Sunday, April 09, 2006

Back Again (for a little while.......)

We are back from our kids-free was lovely, quiet, and restful. Now we have 4 days to get organised and packed for Easter. Each Easter we travel ___ km (I have no idea-takes us a couple of hours or 3 to get there towing a caravan?) to the Riverland where we have a caravan site on the edge of a lake. We usually end up staying about 6 days so a little organisation and packing is required.

On the stitching/knitting front-yes I have done some-no, I haven't finished anything! I will have to put "taking pictures of WIPs" onto my "To-Do List" (yes, I have on started for this week). I usually get some stitching/knitting done at Easter time too (small lamp is on my list already!)

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Mel in Dubai said...

Enjoy your Easter break and I hope you get some stitching/knitting done :)

Easter is a bit of a non-event here but the kids went back to school today from Spring Break, the in-laws are on their way to Nice, my house is quiet and all is well - lol!