Saturday, February 25, 2006

I've become a blogophile

I can't seem to help it............people have links on their own blogs to other blogs, where there are more links, .............. It's a vicious circle, or do I mean a slippery slope? Thanks to some hints, and major hand holding from Mel (in Dubai), I have got my own Blogroll. When I have some things to ignore (ie housework) I will update my links too, now that I have some small inkling of what I am trying to do.

I decided to work on my Patchwork Sampler on Tuesday-didn't get a whole lot done, but I have remembered why I decided to start this so hopefully it will get some more action in the near future. I also have been rummaging through my knitting.....stuff........for the want of a better term. I have ditched several UFOs that for various reasons will never be finished (ie half of a mitten first started for my son who now has hands almost as big as mine, and also started without checking my tension so it was likely that I wouldn't have enough yarn anyhow). My knitting WIPs now consist of a scarf for Caitlin (daughter) which will resemble when finished an electric blue feather boa, and a poncho for myself (kit from Spotlight with spec. yarns and using elongated stitch which is new to me).

I have materials for a model (cross stitch) on their way to me. It is a sampler from The World of S, and Australian designer and will be stitched with Dinky-Dyes silks. Here is a pic of the sampler. I will be working on this for the next 6-8 weeks or thereabouts-I have only done some smaller models so the timeframe is hard to estimate. I'm thinking that I will probably alternate the model sampler with another stitching project, and some knitting. Not sure what the "other" project might be. I had some urgings to work on The Storyteller (Teresa Wentzler) which hasn't been stitched on for.........well over a year. And there's also MTM which (since I saw someone's-Carol's I think, with Pt 5 nearly done) has been whispering for some time. Who knows?? I certainly don't!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Quiet Day Well that is the plan, anyhow. Yesterday was busier as I went to gym (still enjoying), and did grocery shopping and other such mundane but essential things. We had our school Governing Council AGM last night (wine & cheese incl.-yum!) and I get to be the convenor of the "Healthy Eating" sub-committee. Not a truly onerous task, but could be interesting as there are rumblings about what the canteen sells, etc, etc - maybe riots later in the year?? LOL Oh, and I put Ron onto the Grounds committee (he was SO pleased).

Let's see stitching-wise. Did nothing yesterday at all, although I did look at WIP list and rotation that I wrote up but didn't actually get to start............story of my rotations really. It was MTM that disrupted it I think. I have actually decided to give the rotation a go from today so that means I get to stitch on either the Nun (Convent's Herbal Garden), Watergarden, or Patchwork Sampler..........
I am going to see if I can put pics in here-hopefully we should get a pic of the Nun-I have done more than this........

Tomorrow is HAED QS SAL day so I get to work on Snowflake which I have been enjoying the last few days. Thurs I can continue with Snowflake if I want or MTM or Owl & Pussycat. Thursday night (I go to Embroidery Guild) I can take whatever I think I can concentrate on-much talking goes on there..........possibly Celtic Autumn. Friday is either back to MTM or continuing on with Thursday night project if I am on a roll. Weekend is supposed to be MTM but this might only be for some of the time as it's on my floor stand in my stitching room (yes, I have a stitching room). If you are confused, well, never mind!! LOL It looks clearer on paper. The main idea is that I have a focus piece (so I see some good progress) but also stitch on some of my other projects-and I have a built in option to have a couple of days when I do this as I hate to just get into one project & have to change. We will see how it goes.

OK-so the pic thing worked-here is my MTM (Medieval Town Mandala) up to Pt 3.........I have started Pt 4 (just! lol) Oh, and just in case I decide to work on it-here is my Patchwork Sampler (by Jan Houtmann) too . I'm pretty sure I have done more than this also but it's so long since I stitched on it...... Now to choose which one to work on!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

An Introduction

Well, since many of my friends (Mel W, Annette, Mel, and Sooz to name a few) have started up blogs, I thought it was time I jumped on the bandwagon!

Let's see.............I have 1 husband (Ron-been married for nearly 14 years), 2 kids (Luke-nearly 10, and Caitlin-7 1/2) and live in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. I am currently what is termed a Stay-At-Home-Mum (or Mom if you are from the US!). I am involved in various ways with the kids primary school (a member of governing council and social committee with latest venture being a breakfast to farewell Queens Baton last Tues morn-very early start!).

I also have several interests or hobbies: reading, cross-stitch/embroidery, with a dash of knitting and beading..................I also like gardening (well, the non-weeding part) and love watching sport on TV (just about any sport-the ones that are less engaging are perfect for cross stitch or other crafts as any really good (or bad) moments get replayed.

I have recently (within the last week) joined a local gym which I am really enjoying-it is a friendly place and the owners are so nice & helpful. I am planning to do a session 3 times a week, and after a month or so (when I am fitter) adding in a class..........we shall see.

I will need to work out links, pics, etc but I will work on that maybe in the coming week.