Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting Better!

Thanks for the good thoughts! They must have worked cause my wrist has been improving daily-still not sure what caused it though. I have done some stitching and knitting the last few days (actually I sent Ron to Lincraft to get me some dpns today as I didn't have the right size for socks). I need to get stuck into the model too-I promise to get a pic up soon-really!

Luke turned 10 a couple of days ago-my, that decade went fast! lol We had a nice, fairly quiet day (which he prefers) and one of his favourite things was that since it was a public holiday, he didn't have to go to school.

As it looks like my wrist will allow me to knit/stitch I have been musing on my Commonwealth Games goals (I have made a Pittman comeback!) and after finding out exactly how many days it is (12) am getting an idea of what to set. I'm thinking to start & finish first pair of socks, 2 pages of model done (well, approx-some motifs spill over so I may not do exactly 2 pages), and lose 1kg (I go to WW on Wed so that will be a 14 day challenge). I will also finish Caitlin's scarf (that should be done tomorrow-nearly done) and I may possibly assemble some of those knitted things ie poncho, baby cardigan, etc. Note I said may.

I will probably work on either the model or cast on and start socks............or maybe both?! Need to go do housework kinda things so I can settle down later and stitch while commenting on all the countries outfits.........maybe trying to knit on 3 needles will work perfectly for this (depends on horror factor of outfits..)


Karen's Blog said...

I empathise with the tendonitis Leonie. I had it so bad that I didn't stitch for about 18 months. Finally I got sick of it and just kept perservering with it until it finally went away.

bells said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better!...looking forward to that pic of your model-stitching you promised us ;)