Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Welcome Autumn!

Today is officially the first day of Autumn..........hooray! I'm not over fond of Summer, and I do like Winter (except for the cold mornings).

Update on craft-model has arrived so it has been started-love silks!! I'll post a pic probably tomorrow sometime. I've also been working on the poncho-nearly done-should probably get the knitting finished this afternoon-ideal to work on when kids are around and have friends over. I'll have to work out how to assemble it tomorrow. I also got stuck into my stitching room yesterday-it needs some more work but things are at least in the boxes/folders etc that they should be-yes and a dust and vacuum wouldn't hurt either.....

Things I have learnt about knitting on the web in the last week or so:
1. There are lots of knitters out there
2. Sock knitting is taking over the world
3. Bamboo/wood/plastic needles are better than metal ones.
4. There are lots of entertaining blogs out there devoted to knitting.

Also regarding knitting-I have in the past noticed that my tension is somewhat tighter than the norm (not that I have ever bothered with tension squares etc! lol) but in my tidy up/rummage yesterday I found a Patons "how to knit" book and it actually had a pick of how to hold the needles..........and it is not the way I do it.........and I take my right hand off the needle to wind the yarn..........maybe this is why I am slow and have tight tension??? I am going to have a practice on Caitlin's scarf when I am done with the poncho. Oh, I also found 1 baby's cardigan (with cable on front) and a toddlers jumper both finished except for MIL (mother in law) is coming over Sat afternoon so I might rope her in to help me/do it for me. Not sure who will actually get these garments but at least they will be done.

It's hard to believe that it's March already............Luke will be 10yo later this month and we also have our 14th wedding anniverary. We've got a weekend away early April (as in kid free) up to the Clare Valley so that will be our anniversay celebration.

I have another day at home tomorrow so I hope to get lots of model stitched in between housework...............


Mel in Dubai said...

Looking forward to seeing a pic of your latest model stitching piece :)

Great job on getting your stitching room organised too - wanna come and do my cupboard - lol!

bells said...

oh i just love autumn!'s my absolute favourite time of year...we're just stepping into spring, here in canada...wish we could bypass spring altogether and go straight to

i'm looking forward to seeing a pic of your model stitching piece...i'm sure it will be gorgeous!