Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ow! *sigh*

I'm just posting this as an update on my wrist/arm/whathaveyou as I suspicion that I shouldn't be using the computer..........I am guessing that I have some kind of tendonitis or similar (not that I have much knowledge in this area) but as it's Sat today (and Mon is a public holiday) it will be a few days until I can get to my GP. I was bad yesterday and knitted for a while.......but it so sucks that I really can't stitch or knit.......and I really wanna!! Maybe I should change my name to Jana Pittman or Ian Thorpe-my Commonwealth dreams of glory are fading fast.


Annette said...

Awww poor baby! I was hoping you were feeling much better by now. Nothing worse than coming down with a bad dose of the Pittmans on a weekend. Rest, recover and give me plenty of time for a head start!

bells said...

Ooooo..hope you get better soon Leonie! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't

Mel in Dubai said...

Did you see your doc? What he/she say? Hope your wrist/arm/whathaveyou is improving now?

Just a thought, has the pain come on since you've been going to the gym?