Thursday, September 07, 2006

I took some pics......

........and am going to post them. Firstly a picture of "the nun". I know I said I would take a picture of it when I was done with part 2, but I figured I would do a picture now. I have had to put it onto scroll rods, so it's going a little slower as I have MTM on rods in the stand and I'm worried that if I take it off the frame it may not go on for a while!!

I also have a picture of a facecloth that I knitted-nothing complex but it's nice to finish something occasionally. Caitlin has already claimed it! I used an Anchor cotton yarn from Spotlight and this pattern

The colours are brighter in real life, and it feels quite soft.

And just to finish off, I found a photo of Caitlin on her first day at kindy so you can see how she has grown in 4 years.......yikes-that went fast!! lol

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bells said...

Oh Leonie! Your "nun" looks absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm in awe! I really admire those who are able to stitch Chatelaines as they look soooo complicated to me.

And I LOVE the colours in your facecloth! So bright and cheerful! Congrats on a finish!

And Caitlin looks adorable!