Friday, January 02, 2009

Insert Snappy Post Title Here

I quite often have trouble coming up with post titles, especially when I don't have a specific subject for the post (e.g. when I am summarising weeks/months of activities due to slack posting). I'll copy myself from my last post and give a brief run down of what we've been doing since then.....
  • bought that new caravan I mentioned last post.
  • attended new parents information sessions for Luke's high school (and he attended his transition day as well).
  • spent the day at the cricket (someone at Ron's work was giving away members tickets). Unfortunately Ron couldn't go, but he let me go, so I spent a lovely day by myself.
  • participated in and/or attended many end-of-year functions for various sports, school things , brownies and scouts.
  • helped set up the school gym for Luke's Yr 7 graduation, which was lovely.
  • went to Carols By Candlelight (which was enlivened by lightning -in the distance, thankfully, and a little rain-but it's so dry here, we love rain!).
  • organised for Christmas which we spent down at Kingston SE (about 4 hrs away) with my parents and sister.
  • enjoyed the weather on Boxing Day by going to a local beach where you can drive onto the beach and swimming and playing beach cricket.
  • just recently celebrated the start of the New Year by having a street party with quite a few of our neighbours.
  • taken down the decorations and getting the house back into gear in time for a family BBQ that we are having to celebrate my 40th birthday in just over a week's time. And family adds up to somewhere between 30 to 40 people-immediate family.........
  • fun things also such as knitting, stitching, sewing, playing on our new Wii, catching up with my knitting buddy Bobbie who is temporarily back in Adelaide.
  • my arm seems to be doing well-I just need to not overdo things and keep stretching it.
  • Ron's work is going well-the company he worked for went into administration, and since then into liquidation, but he's got a six month contract doing exactly the same job (his old company had the contract for the IT for Santos but he's now working there on contract). Bonus is that contracting is good money, but there is no pay for public holidays, and the six months the contract runs for has most of the year's public holidays. We should find out later this year what's going to happen (either work directly for Santos or another company takes over the IT contract). The guys that are working there should stay there-we'll see what pans out.
  • we also have some more uniform shopping to do for Luke (fun for the whole family) as well as shoe shopping (will the fun never end?).

I think that's enough rambling for now - I need to go do some housework, as well as some sorting out in my craft room (guess which I prefer).
Finally, some photos from the Christmas Pageant. I still need to dig up those photos with Ron and his moustache-he has them at work somewhere.

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