Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Stash Enhancement and November Goals

Well, the craft fair is over for another year!  I had a great time working there, as well as shopping there ;)  I also loved the quilt exhibition-no photos were allowed but I got lots of inspiration from seeing the quilts.  Here's a picture of some of my stash enhancement efforts:

I picked up a couple of other things (thimble, hexagon papers, small couple of kits) on some of the other days, but no cross stitch or knitting as I have more than enough stash in those crafts!  Some of these purchases I have plans for, and some are waiting for inspiration.

I mentioned in October that I wanted to set myself some goals for November, and even though it's over a week into the month, I'm still going to set some, just for some focus.  I have an exam on the 22nd, so that will be a priority, but I will still be making time for some craft.

November Craft Goals

  1. Finish stitcheries for my 'Tis The Season' quilt
  2. (Re)start this cross stitch 
  3. Finish knitting second sock of pair for Caitlin
  4. Start my Favourite Things blocks (maybe 2?)
  5. Dig out some finished cross stitch Christmas ornaments & make them up as ornaments
  6. Sew/piece quilt top using jelly roll from craft fair
  7. Sew up one of the small kits/patterns from craft fair   
Also a few family updates-Ron is participating in 'Movember'-I'll upload some pictures soon. I think he's going for something like this ;) (this is actually pretty close to what he's started-not sure it'll be quite as bushy....)

After enrolling Caitlin in the same high school as Luke for next year (it was her second choice), she was offered a place yesterday in her first choice.  We thought it might cause a bit of a dilemma as it is the school a lot of her friends will attend, but she has stuck with the same school as Luke as she feels it will be better for her academically.  We're proud of her mature decision making, and relieved it didn't cause too much anguish!


Linda said...

Wow Leonie thats a big list, you wont be bored, i need to start and finish three table toppers for christmas presents amongst other things. I have only just started following your blog and i can honestly say that you look way to young to have children in High School.
PS the blocks on my favourite things are quite quick and easy(so far)

Anonymous said...

such big decisions,high school

zaras said...
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