Monday, July 24, 2006

Holidays are over!

School holidays that is. And we survived. We went to the museum, art gallery (an eye opener for the kids what with all the naked statues/paintings etc LOL), fruit & veg market, shopping centre, library (crafts etc here also) as well as usual fun stuff and both kids got to sleep over at a friend's house (Ron & I went to Pirates of the Caribbean 2 that night).

Ron is heading off to Moomba for a 2 week stint in a weeks time, but he will get 2 weeks off afterwards, although it won't be immediately after he gets back.

My computer has been amalgamated with a laptop so I can use the laptop in the house and take it down to my stitching room and put it in a docking station to use the scanner, printer, etc. All the photos that I have saved are still on my old hard drive (which Ron still has to transfer some things from ) but this laptop has a card reader thingo so I can post a couple of pics that were still on the camera.

The socks are the ones I knit for Luke for bedsocks and the car is Ron's new possible WIP. His Mum and Dad are getting ready to sell one of their blocks of land and Ron would like to restore this old Holden if he thinks it is is currently in the garage under inspection.

I have been stitching on TW Storyteller and finished my first sock-the second is on the needles but has been superceded by a beanie for Ron as he has lost his and it gets cold of a morning on the way to the bus :)

I may start a Long Dog design of some kind soon-I caught up with my buddy Mel visiting from Dubai (only saw her for a couple of hours but she still managed to enable me lol) and saw her St Georges.........beautiful!

Have to go do some housework stuff-hopefully I will updated more regularly.........

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