Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Just Do It! they say! I have been putting off posting a new entry as I want to put up pics-model, bed socks, etc, etc, but whenever I get the time to blog I am not near my computer in my stitching room (where the cord for the camera lives and hence where all the pics also live). Because of this I don't blog at all. So I am "just doing it" and will get to the pics one day.

Nothing startling has been happening-we have all recovered our health; Ron got back yesterday from Melbourne for a couple of days work. School holidays start next week for 2 weeks-I have already booked some activities at the library for the kids, and have a few other trips planned, but hopefully it will be relatively uneventful (I say relatively since we are dealing with kids here LOL).

Craft wise I haven't been doing heaps of anything-I did finish Luke's bedsocks which do fit him (with some room to spare-essential in a 10yo who's feet are almost as big as mine) and he wears every night. I am back to my sock-turned the heel and will get back to them but am knitting some bootee/slipper things for our neighbours' new baby which should have been born last night. I picked up the Yarn Harlot's (aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) new book Knitting Rules! which I had ordered through Angus & Robertson and enjoyed it very much. Also discovered that a shop here in town stocks yarn (mostly wool as it is a shop that stocks woollen products ie clothing, underblankets, etc) and at reasonable prices which is handy to know, I think. Stitching-wise I haven't done heaps, but I did pick up TW The Storyteller which hasn't seen much action since I started it on a stitching weekend. It will likely become my Guild Thursday night project since HAED designs can be tricky to concentrate on when much chatting is going on! Which reminds me that at the end of Oct a group of us from our Thurs night Guild group have a stitching weekend. We hire a couple of units about an hour's (??) drive from Adelaide and spend the weekend stitching, talking, eating, shopping, more talking, some drinking, etc.

OK-well that will do for now-hopefully pics will get done sooner (or later) but I'm off to have some quiet time before I have to go get kids from school..........

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