Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Autumn in Spring-or is it Summer??

Celtic Autumn, that is. I started her about a year ago and she has been in hibernation for most of that time. I have worked on her a little bit lately here and there, and decided she was an ideal project to accompany me on my stitching weekend with 6 other girls. Here is the current picture-everything above the skirt is my weekend's progress . She's stitched on 28ct Jobelan (Tundra) from Stitches and Spice. We had a lovely weekend, with much talking, eating, drinking and stitching. It was a little sad though-my buddy Mel wasn't there since she had the weak excuse of being in Dubai............ I did some stitching, drinking and laughing for you Mel-maybe we can time the next one for your next visit here?

The holidays went quite fast, and the last term is well under way-we have already had a working bee, Wakakirri final, and school picnic. It is extremely dry here (we apparently had 1mm of rain for Oct) already-a lot of areas already look like it is the end of summer.

I am off to the Craft Fair on Thursday-I have the kids booked into after school care so that I can go to the fair, and then on to Guild afterwards. I'm not sure what I will end up with as there won't be huge amounts of stitching supplies, but I will see what I can find ;)


Annette said...

Great progress chookie! Especially considering you were on a girls weekend! Have fun at the craft fair....run amok and melt that fantastic plastic!

Mel in Dubai said...

Celtic Autumn is looking fabulous! I haven't start mine funnily enough :)

Thanks for enjoying some of the stitchy weekend for me. Boy, I miss those *sigh*. Not sure when we will back next but I will definitely make sure to give you plenty of notice for a weekend to be organised!

Mel said...

Cant wait to see this one finished

Jenn said...

Celtic Autumn looks great! I've not seen it done in these colors before.