Saturday, October 07, 2006

We are back, and some pics

We got back yesterday-had a good time despite some extremely windy weather for a day or so, and I am attempting to catch up. There has been much to catch up-and I don't mean all the holiday laundry, or the grocery shopping on a Saturday morning at the supermarket which is being remodeled in the school holidays (still better than doing it with the kids-marginally). There has been BB kerfuffles, and the Yarn Harlot got married.

Anyhow, I haven't got holiday pics yet, as the camera is where I am not, so I have some older pics for you instead. Two weeks ago, Ron & I participated in the Bay to Birdwood Run, which is a vintage & veteran car rally. Ron's dad owns a 1926 Chev truck, but we get to go in the rally. It has about 1500 vehicles and takes about 1/2 a day. It wasn't the best weather (especially as the truck doesn't actually have side windows as you will see in the picture. Coats & rugs were the order of the day, and we did have fun.

I have updated some of my WIP pics in my Webshots so it does look like I do some stitching....
Here is my latest pic of Patchwork Sampler-it is my Thursday night piece at the moment, as I need something I can stitch on when I am talking.........

Not sure what I will get done over the next week (being school holidays) but I'm hoping to come up with a plan. I would like to get the part of the nun that I am (still) working on finished, and perhaps pick up a HAED for a change. But that is open to change-as usual!!

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