Sunday, November 19, 2006

Only 5 Weeks To Go

Sorry-but I figure you all need to suffer with me. Although, since we aren't having either Christmas lunch or dinner at home this year, and at most 3 guests staying, I really don't have that much to worry about. That is, if you don't worry about the 10 nephews/nieces I still have to shop for, or my 2 kids presents, or Ron's parents, or..........(well you get the idea-we do have some shopping done, and I have plans to hit the city on Wednesday to get most of it done)

A couple of weeks ago we, along with 320,000 others journeyed to the city for the Pageant. It is the Big One (hence the capitals lol) . We did the parent sacrifice thing and got up early on the weekend to catch the bus into the city. Even though we caught the earliest bus there was it wasn't early enough to save Ron from this.

It wasn't ideal but it wasn't that bad-coffee makes up for a lot ;)
I also want to award the person who came up with the idea with free chalk with the Saturday paper a sainthood. Just think about it.........320,000 people-so by my reckoning at least 160,000 kids (hold on-I need to lie down after typing that) sitting around for hours (we got there 2 hours before it started and look where we were sitting-others get there much earlier) and hours and hours.........really frightening! But some chalk and free run of the city streets and you get this

We had lovely weather, caught a bus straight home afterwards, and I even had a little time to visit a couple of book shops-which I will revisit this week to do that Christmas shopping as well as some shopping for me :)
Now for some pictures of the floats

I'll catch up later this week with other things-maybe even take some pictures of some WIPs.........


bells said...

Oh how fun! I haven't been to a Christmas parade in years...I miss it!
Hugs, Nikki

Mel in Dubai said...

You are a braver soul than me! Even though we lived closer to the city we only ever took the kids to the pageant once :)