Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bad, bad blogger!

So it's a few (5-that long??) months since I've posted............. I regularly read other blogs but just don't seem to get around to posting on my own. I thought I would just start from today, and update what has happened in the last few months as I go.

It is currently school holidays (1 week down, 1 to go) and it's been a busy term. Caitlin is over at a friend's house for a play (it's been nearly a week since they saw each other!), and Ron has had to go into to work for some kind of upgrade thingo, so Luke and I are having a quiet afternoon/evening. I've got a quiche in the oven for a "goodbye neighbour" lunch tomorrow, but then I am all set to stitch and watch football (AFL) .

As far as craft news-well it's been busy and somewhat varied. Our group at the Embroiderers' Guild is due to put up our display next month, and I really haven't had much in the way of finishes in the past year. After rummaging through my WIPs I came up with Brightneedle's The Sampler Sampler . This has been a WIP for a long's over one on 32 count evenweave so it's not that big, but I'm hoping to finish it in time for next Thursday. We also display WIPs, and I'm going to take my Chatelaine "Convent's Herbal Garden Mandala". I'm hoping to get a little more done before I take it off the scroll rods. I've done some work on Celtic Autumn as well. Since the beginning of the year I've been doing some model work for Kirsten Edwards (the editor of The Gift Of Stitching-the online stitching magazine-see the link in the sidebar). It's been most enjoyable getting to use Stitches 'N Spice fabrics, Dinky Dyes silks, and flower threads. I'll link some pics another post. There has been some knitting-I have finished my original pair of socks (last year), knit another pair, started several things, joined the International Scarf Exchange, and so on. I need to take some WIP pictures and load some links, but will save that for another post. I do have a picture of my first pair of socks for your viewing pleasure. Nothing exciting, but I have the hang of double pointed needles, as well as the way socks are constructed, and as an added bonus the socks didn't fall apart when I wore them ;)


Mel in Dubai said...

Egads, she lives!!!! LOL!

Nice to see you blogging again, Leonie - sounds like you've been busy!

Looking forward to seeing those WIP pics next post too :D

bells said...

Welcome Back!!