Tuesday, February 09, 2010

2010-How Nice to Meet You.....

So-3 months without blogging........ where to begin. I survived the cough/virus that laid me low in October. I did eventually get to have my root canal (in late November from memory), but my endodontist had the sad news that he would be unable to complete it permanently. This has resulted in an appointment with an oral surgeon, and now surgery (with general anaesthetic-thank goodness) to remove the offending tooth, the wisdom tooth that is lurking behind it (it is not currently causing any problems but would when the molar is removed), and also any repairs to my sinus wall that is required as the wisdom tooth is right next to it. This is all in my top jaw which apparently is better-less nerves lurking there apparently. I will be happy to have it sorted once and for all-it's recently started to ache again. All this excitement will be happening on Feb 19th-hopefully I will be up and about fairly quickly afterwards. Enough of the health details-we are all healthy otherwise.

So-let's see what else has happened. There was the usual end of year school/work/other get-togethers. December started with the end of school, continued with Christmas preparations (we had my mum, dad & sister staying with us and my brother & his family also joining us for lunch), and finished with Jamboree preparations and packing. Luke had a great time at Jamboree (away 14 days total) near Sydney. I'll see if I can track down a photo or two. Caitlin got to have a week trip with Ron's parents in Melbourne. It was extremely hot that week, but they still had a great time. Again, I will have to track down some photos. While Caitlin was away, Ron and I had our own trip over to western Victoria. We stayed at Dunkeld which is just south of the Grampians. We had a lovely time and would love to go back in autumn again. The rest of January was taken up with school preparations as both kids went back to school on January 27.

Craft wise......I have finished off two pairs of socks (both were WIPs) and started another pair I think the pattern is called Charade-free pattern on Ravelry-knit with Bendigo Miami which is a wool/cotton/nylon blend-ideal for summer knitting)-they were my travelling knitting on our holiday when it was cool enough to knit.

I've also knit two lace (nothing too complicated) scarves-one for my mum and one for my sister for their birthdays. I need to make myself one before winter. I don't have photos of these-I forgot to take some. Before Christmas I knit up two mini stockings for Caitlin's teacher and student support officer. These were very quick to make-I shall remember them for next Christmas. The pattern is somewhere on Ravelry. They are knit flat and them seamed. I used Heirloom Baby 4 ply.

For the Embroiderers Group Christmas swap I whipped up a Christmas ornament (a Mill Hill kit). I love these as there is minimum finishing required. Self adhesive felt on the back after trimming and you are done.

I've got a few other things on the go, but I'll go into them in another post. I'm going to knit and keep cool.


Anonymous said...

time for another one????!!!

jenni dunn said...

That was me!!

Anonymous said...

how clever are you,love these projects and especially the beaded santa