Wednesday, October 27, 2010


What? You want to know where I've been? I'm back here because I want to make some crafting goals, and this seems the best place to keep track of them. It's possible I'll catch up with what's happened since I was last here-you never know ;)

Nov Goals
1. Finish Caitlin's vest-this is black and plain and soooo boring, so at the moment I'm working on doing half an hour daily to get some progress without losing my mind. I've finished the back and am 13cm into the front. Thank goodness it doesn't have sleeves!
2. Start & finish both KAL (knitalong) hats in Woolly Wormheads Mystery KAL . I've got stash yarn lined up for this already.
3. Finish Mayrose Beret-I've already started this and I'm hoping to get a fair amount done on this in the last few days of October.
4. Work on Fred & Albert which is a cross stitch design. I have a rotation planned for my stitching, and this is to be my focus piece, which means it will be worked on the most. I'll go into my rotation plans in another post. If I finish up the 10hrs planned for this piece I'll move onto the next piece.
5. Look at my magazines/patterns and see if I want to do any Christmas sewing/crafts.
6. Load more knitting stash onto Ravelry.

I'm planning to make a more concerted effort next year to use things from my stash. I don't plan not buy anything, but I'd like to use more of what I already have. I'll work more on my plans for this in the next couple of months.

This weekend Ron & I head to Melbourne for a weekend away by ourselves. We haven't really made any plans other than going to see Mary Poppins on Saturday night. I'll hopefully be back next week for another exciting installment!

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