Saturday, October 17, 2009

50 Years

This evening we had a BBQ tea at my in-laws house to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Their children had been prepared to organise a bigger event back in the local hall of the area where they had lived most of their married life with friends and family, but the in-laws requested something much smaller, for their immediate family only. As there are five children, and many grand children, this is still not that "small". Only Ron and three of the grandchildren couldn't make it. It was the usual relaxed and jovial evening, culminating in a lovely black forest cake being cut by the happy couple, and a speech by Dad which, as usual, contained a "story" (Dad has a never ending supply of stories). This one told of a neighbour who had a theory that you couldn't win an argument with your wife, and apparently once tried and ended up with the full milking bucket tipped over his head. Here's a couple of photos from the evening :the cake, and the speech.

I think I need to stop making plans. Caitlin woke me last night at 2am to say that her throat was very sore. I put her back to bed with some Panadol, and the next morning contacted her coach to say she was ill, and managed to actually get a doctors appointment on a Saturday morning. I figured that it was a viral thing, but if I didn't take her to the doctor, it would end up being tonsillitis or something and then I would have great trouble to find a doctor on a Sunday. I was right (about it being viral) and after she put herself to bed in the afternoon and slept for several hours, she felt somewhat better. I think she will be better by Monday.

Poor Ron was disappointed at missing the celebrations. The reason he is over in Perth is to help with an office move, and the actual move happens at the weekend to inconvenience the least number of people. He sent me a text a few hours ago saying that things weren't going well and that it was going to be a long night. He hopes that he can finish up sometime on Monday and maybe catch a flight later that day.

We do not have any plans to go anywhere tomorrow, so we will have a quiet day, and maybe we will even get some sunshine. I am not going to be holding my breath, though.

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