Monday, October 26, 2009

Exciting Life & Times

Today's wrap up:
  • got kids (both-yay!) off to school
  • rang dentist to change root canal appointment to next Wednesday
  • had nap-still poorly, but improving slowly
  • revived, lunched, washed clothes
  • knit on sock-turned heel, picked up gusset stitches, am now well onto foot, but still no pictures-while listening to podcasts/audiobooks
  • did emergency food run to IGA
  • swept floors and cooked tea
  • ate tea and did dishes (Ron to school council meeting)
  • watched Top Gear and then Ashes to Ashes while unpicking unsuccessful green choices on stitching, and then a little on Christmas Ornament
  • read blogs & emails
  • bedtime
Tomorrow's possible agenda
  • proper food shopping in morning
  • if feeling poorly/unmotivated this could be done in afternoon
  • Ron to go to Caitlin's matinee performance of school play at lunchtime-he'll then work from home in pm so he can go to softball practice
  • will need early dinner as evening performance is at 6.30 until 7.45-Luke and I will go to this one
  • maybe even take a photo of something, somewhere for the blog

1 comment:

2paw said...

Hope you are feeling better today. I always think The Poorliness hits right at the most inconvenient moment. I must get my Christmas act together very soon.....