Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Best Laid Plans Part 2

So......those plans I made yesterday?
Let me go through today's happenings in order. I got up at around 3am to take some Panadol (this is good news as far as I can tell-sore tooth=nerves still alive=better chance for root canal to work). Woke again around 6.30am when Caitlin came in to tell us that the power was off. This was lucky for Ron as this is around the time he gets up for work. Phone call to ETSA (electricity company) that power should be restored around 8am. At around 9.30am we still have no power and recorded message now says that power should be back my 4.30pm....... Take Caitlin to softball practice-do not go food shopping as we have no power. Go home and boil kettle in caravan (gas stove) for coffee-shops down main street (we are in a busy tourist town) are mostly closed, including shop that makes good coffee. Yet another recorded message tells us that we have an underground fault in our area, and the estimated time for power is now 2.15pm. Lunch is sandwiches, and hooray for the caravan stove for my coffee. We receive a phone call from ETSA at around 1pm to say that they are still trying to find where the fault is exactly underground and that generators will start between 1.30-2pm to give us power. At 2.45pm we are back! A quick check of the freezer brings relief that I do not have to have a frantic cook up of all the meat in the freezer (the only thing that seemed affected was a loaf of bread....). Luckily this has happened on a coldish (max 15C) spring day and not in summer. Fast forward through washing, coffee made inside the house, some internet (including booking accommodation for the weekend away), plugging the cordless phone back in, making dinner, dishes, watching Spicks and Specs to around 9pm when..........the power went out. We figured that they had maybe found the fault and had to turn off the generators to "plug" the proper power back in (see my superior understanding of how this all works). My plan to light lots of candles to make the power come back on more quickly (like how if you get something out to read when waiting for the bus it makes the bus turn up earlier) did not actually work for half an hour or so. The photo above is me with my candle, knitting the dalek washcloth.
Looking at my plans for today, I did get most things done except for that food shopping. I did pick up a few more things from the local supermarket but I'll grab some more things on the way back from knitting & library tomorrow afternoon.

I have days where I don't go online, but not being able to go online when you want to feels totally different and really shows you how much it is the first place we go to for information & contact with the world outside your direct neighbourhood.

We have booked a unit/villa (I am not sure of the difference and when booking accommodation was suitably confused) down on the Fleurieu Peninsula for Friday and Saturday nights, so I should only miss blogging on Saturday. We will go for a bush walk, maybe see a whale (or have they left already?), and all manner of things. Now that I have made the booking, the next big question will be............what stitching & knitting will I take? Tune in tomorrow to see the answer!

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2paw said...

You poor things. We had some people here without power for eight days. That must be terrible. So lucky you have the caravan. You could have done with a Dalek's light!!