Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When is a Root Canal......

........not a root canal? When it's a root canal consultation. That's what I've got tomorrow, so in one way it's good news, as I have to get Caitlin to and from a birthday party after school tomorrow, and Ron is in Perth. In another way it's bad news, because it will be longer until I get the tooth fixed.

It has been very windy and rainy here-we've had over an inch here in the last 24 hours with more to come. It's also been quite cool (max 13°C) so when it does heat up it will be a shock to the system. {also-do you see the degree symbol there? Luke taught me how to do that the other day-you can teach an old dog new tricks!}

The Dalek washcloth is finished. I hadn't sewn in the ends when I took the picture, but there was some rare sunshine, so I snapped a photo while I could.

I have to say that I am not terribly fond of bobbles. I think they are the equivalent of french knots in embroidery-they are not as neat and uniform as I would like.

I also finished my 5 hrs (actually I have no idea how long I actually stitched-it was very stoppy/starty over quite a while) on my Mystery Quaker Sampler. I didn't take a "before" picture, but I did the motif on the right hand side.

Before I get to choose my next project to work on, I have to do some mending. Because of the wintry weather, it's too cold for Caitlin to wear her shorts, and since she has a hole in her winter trousers, I get to patch them up. There's no point buying new ones as who knows how much taller she'll be in 6 months time-that's if I could actually find any in the shops..........(because we all know that the warmer months start in July).

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2paw said...

Nice Dalek cloth, I agree about the bobbles. I am thinking about making a vest with a Dalek on the front and I am thinking of sewing on buttons instead of the bobbles. This of course is no solution if you are using it as a face cloth!!!