Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 29-No Inspirational Title Available

Look, a knitting picture! It's my sock progress, or lack thereof. I've picked it up this evening for a while, but it hasn't seen much action in the last few days. It's knit using Bendigo Harmony (or actually Heirloom Breeze-which is exactly the same thing) which is an 8 ply wool/cotton/Lycra blend.

I had another ordinary night-my throat and muscles are getting pretty sore now at times which isn't helping. I had another quiet day at home (no socialising or crafting for me) and I think I am getting better slowly, but it's very frustrating. Still, I got to have some reading time. I will play tomorrow by ear (or chest?) but I don't have to go out-Caitlin does have a Brownie "disco" but that is later so Ron can take her if need be. I'm hoping to feel well enough to watch Caitlin play softball on Saturday, but again Ron can go solo if necessary.

I am going to knit for a while longer (luckily I am up to the foot where I can knit around and around with no brain power required) before some medicine and another try at some proper sleep. Only two more posts to go in Blogtoberfest!

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