Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 12-Blogtoberfest

Well, reality went fairly well today. Ron made it to Perth safe and sound, kids made it to and from school safe and sound, and I made it to the dentist and had my filling. I popped into the craft shop afterwards and had a good browse. I also picked up a bit of stitching fabric, some threads, and a hank (skein?) of yarn. I will have to take a picture tomorrow when there's better light.

I also finished the Dalek washcloth, and a photo of that will have to wait for tomorrow also-once I've sewn in the ends. I got very little craft done at the weekend, so it was good to get this finished several days before it was needed.

We had great weather at the weekend-we went for walks at Victor Harbor on the Saturday, and found some rock pools at Lady Bay on Sunday. Our unit at Normanville was just over the sand dunes to the beach which was nice for a stroll.

That's just a few of the shots we took over the weekend. Sad to say, but in the family shot I am not standing in a hole-I think Ron might be as he is still taller than Luke.

I am off to hit the sack shortly-tomorrow is fairly quiet-I shouldn't have to go further than down to the main street.

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2paw said...

Glad it all went well, especially the tooth!!
I like the Dalek dishcloth, it's one of my favourites so I can't wait to see yours!!
My dad always said that extra height gave you no more prerogatives!!!