Thursday, October 08, 2009

What To Pack?

Today-food shopping, knitting at knitting group, thinking about projects I can take on weekend away. Also, we had power, which was much appreciated. I have also done some investigation, and found that I will be able to schedule a post for Saturday. I just have to click on the link that says "Post Options" and it will be easy as falling off a log ( as they say-I will take their word for it).

So, packing tomorrow. I have food for dinner and breakfast. I have snacks. I will (and the kids will do their own) pack some clothes & bedding. Then there is the all important craft packing. Several years ago I discovered that I could knit when I was a passenger in a car. I cannot read or stitch without getting headaches or carsick. I therefore need a fairly simple knitting project for the car travelling-Ron will do most of the driving. Something a little more complicated can be taken for night time, as well as stitching if the mood takes me. I might have to pack my desk lamp-lighting can often be unsuitable for craftwork. I have made a good start on the Dalek wash cloth, and that will be my first choice for the car also. I'm thinking I might pack another washcloth/dishcloth pattern and yarn as a back up, as well as my WIP Hey Teach which I have no pictures of, but am mostly finished the back. Stitching-wise I'm not sure yet, but maybe a couple of Christmas ornaments? I will see what takes my fancy tomorrow. And of course I'll throw in a crossword book, and a novel or two...........

No pictures today, but I'll have to come up with some inspiration tomorrow as I'll have to write two posts.

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