Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back to the Doctor

Well, it was option 2, with a night of little sleep thrown in. After I went to bed, tried to get to sleep, gave up and took dome Panadol, went back to bed and got an hour's sleep.........Caitlin woke me at around 1am with very nasty ear pain. Some Panadol and time later with no improvement, and a very upset girl, I rang the 24hr medical helpline to check what I should be doing. Giving her some ibuprofen and a hot pack seemed to help enough that she (& I) could get to sleep-after 3am. I got up to make sure Luke was up and moving before heading back to bed while Caitlin was still sleeping. Fast forward to a doctors appointment at 3pm, and we have ear infections, so antibiotics are picked up. We will see how she is in the morning before deciding on school or not. Let's hope for a better night tonight.

Ron is hopefully home by 3pm tomorrow-I still have shopping, library and Spotlight on my to-do list.

On other news-I finished a sock. Given that it is an 8 ply, ankle sock that needed only the toe shaping & grafting to do, this may actually not be such a huge achievement, but it's still done. Casting on second sock tomorrow. I might even take a picture of the finished sock. The action never ends around here.......

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2paw said...

Oh the earache is awful. I hope everyone is feeling better now.