Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Boring Post

I have no pictures. I have no craft progress. I have little news.

It rained (a lot) last night, and one of our gutters got blocked, so I got Luke to climb the ladder and clear it (there's got to be some side benefits to being the grown-up).

I went to the dentist. I have an appointment for Tuesday week for the first stage of the root canal. I could have had an earlier appointment, but only if I sacrificed my knitting group (i.e. went on a Thursday), which was not on. The dentist was very nice, and explained things well.

Caitlin went to her birthday party, but as the birthday girl didn't open her presents at the party, we are unsure of the reception of the Dalek washcloth.

I have hit a snag with my stitching. One of my new starts has been delayed due to the fact that piece of fabric I thought would fit the design is, in fact, too small. I don't have anything else in my stash to suit (which is hard to believe) and since browsing online, I am more confused than ever. Tomorrow will be busy (morning at school and afternoon at knitting) so I won't get to any stitching until tomorrow evening.

I have done some investigation into the matter of scheduling posts, and have found that it is not me that is the problem, but Blogger. It is a "known issue" and may be fixed eventually.

So, a quite dull post and well done if you made it to the end. I am thinking that heading to bed with a book might me a good idea........

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