Thursday, October 15, 2009

Look What I Got

This is what got delivered to knitting group this afternoon for me. Long-stemmed roses from Ron-no "special" day today-just that he misses me-aw! The added bonus is that he supplied some photo fodder for the blog. They are safely in water now.

It's official-I am done with winter. This cold, grey, dreary, rainy weather needs to stop. We need spring. We might get some nice weather next week, but I'm thinking that the coat, scarf & mitts will be needed for the first softball game on Saturday.

I gathered some threads up for a couple of new projects I want to start soon. Maybe even tonight. We'll see-I should also put a thread or two into the Christmas ornament I've got going.

Tomorrow will be an "at home" day excepting for ferrying kids to and from Brownies & Scouts. I also need to go shopping for food for Ron's parents 50th wedding anniversary BBQ on Saturday. Let's hope the weather is better than today......

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