Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Over It

As in, I'm so over this cough/virus thing, not as in, I'm feeling so much better. I had another night of limited sleep, and decided to visit the doctor (starting to feel like a second home, unfortunately). The good news is, I have no infections. The bad news is, I have no infections. All the symptoms are the virus, so I have to wait it out-rest, fluids, coughing. Oh, and as the "productive" part of the cough clears, I may possibly end up with a dry cough that lingers for a few weeks. Let's hope not. The cough seems to be heading towards that now, with that kind of "tickle" that sets off a spasm of coughing. Sorry that this post seems to be all about the cough, but at the moment that's my life-how long since I took some Sudafed (for the congestion-just to add to the fun), how long since I coughed, trying not to talk too much as that seems to make me cough.

I did make it to Caitlin's school performance-it went very well, and she did a great job. Ron took some photos at the matinee, but I don't have the energy to download them now-maybe tomorrow.

Nearly at the end of Blogtoberfest-I'm pretty impressed at my effort. Unfortunately, there's been too much sickness, and not enough crafting lately, but let's hope that changes soon-for all our sakes!

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